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Illuminated C-bar in the Bugatti Chiron interior is the longest light conductor in the automobile industry
Newly developed adaptive Bugatti Chiron instrument cluster
The instrument cluster in the Bugatti Chiron cockpit is also a completely new development by Bugatti. The Bugatti Chiron cluster, installed in an aluminium housing, consists of three compact Bugatti Chiron displays surrounding the analogue Bugatti Chiron speedometer. High-resolution TFT Bugatti Chiron displays are positioned to the left and right of the speedometer with a smaller flat IPS display located below. The high-resolution graphics are extremely sharp. The principle is that the Bugatti Chiron driver should be offered only the information that is necessary in view of the Bugatti Chiron driving mode that is active. The faster the Bugatti Chiron is driven, the simpler the presentation becomes. For example, infotainment data are hidden and the main focus is on the driving data that the driver actually needs to explore the full potential of this super sports car – safely and extremely enjoyably.
Central Bugatti Chiron console with highly sophisticated design
The Chiron is home to what is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and narrowest central console used in the automobile sector. The Bugatti Chiron console features the selector lever and four round air conditioning switches with indicators under glass hoods which can easily be seen not only from the driver’s seat but also by the passenger. On the first control level, the four rotary switches operate the air distribution, blower, temperature and seat heating functions. But that is not all. In line with the principle that a huge variety of functions should be presented in a way which is clear and allows intuitive operation, the second level of each indicator provides additional functions for the monitoring of driving performance data, also allowing individual programming, if the driver so desires. There are four different Bugatti Chiron driver settings for the definition of different functions: the Bugatti Chiron Icon mode, the Bugatti Chiron Performance mode, the Bugatti Chiron Cruise mode and the Bugatti Chiron Classic mode.
High-performance high-end Bugatti Chiron sound system makes the Bugatti Chiron the world’s fastest concert hall
The Bugatti Chiron audio system installed on the Chiron is simply sensational. Developed exclusively for Bugatti by the “accuton” brand, well-known for its high-end equipment, this is the most luxurious Bugatti Chiron sound system available on a super sports car. Audio system connoisseurs will appreciate the use of a one-carat diamond membrane in each of the four tweeters, delivering a crystal-clear sound. In addition, the world’s first mid-range speaker with two separate membrane zones is fitted to the Chiron.
Illuminated Bugatti Chiron interior C-bar in the interior is the longest light conductor in the automobile industry
The Bugatti Chiron interior reflects the stylistic themes of the exterior including the central fin inspired by the Bugatti Atlantic. This approach ensures a symmetrical layout in the Bugatti Chiron interior.
At the same time, the design theme of the Bugatti line is expressed most strongly in the Bugatti Chiron interior of the vehicle. The open oval based on a stylised “C”, the initial of Louis Chiron’s signature, is already a dominant element in the side view of the Bugatti Chiron super sports car and is also taken up in the Bugatti Chiron passenger compartment as a separating line between the symmetrical units for the driver and passenger.
The focus is on the pilot
The cockpit layout of the Bugatti Chiron consistently follows functional requirements. In order to keep the central console as slim as possible and to allow a spacious impression, the climate control and infotainment systems have been separated. The units on the Bugatti Chiron central console have independent displays. The selector for the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is located in the perfect ergonomic position within easy reach of the driver’s hand. It is produced from the most exclusive materials available and all aluminium parts are milled from solid material. Bugatti is the only carmaker to use anodised aluminium for Bugatti Chiron controls and to ensure that each individual graphic symbol is illuminated.

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